Club History



Belmont Country Club is an extraordinary facility, significantly enriched by a new, state-of-the-art clubhouse. But what truly differentiates Belmont Country Club is that our membership remains closely connected to the community through shared values, principles and priorities. The founding members, as outlined in our mission statement, had a very clear vision: "Ö a membership who are highly respected within their chosen fields and have demonstrated a commitment to charitable causes and to community service." Today, these principles are still what make the Belmont experience so special. The integrity and continued dedication to these principles are reinforced from generation to generation through the ďMember/SponsorĒ approach to membership. We grow our family organically by bringing those we love and respect most from our communities into the Belmont family. To be a Belmont member is not defined by the experience of using an exclusive golf, tennis or dining facility, but by the privilege of sharing in memorable social traditions with other families with like priorities.

Key Dates

1908- Willard E. Robinson purchased an almost 90-acre site and old Colonial house. The following year, he proceeded to lay out a nine-hole golf course. Mr. Robinson then bought land across Winter Street, giving him a total of 211 acres, with enough area to enlarge the course to 18 holes. This new course was designed by Donald Ross (1872-1948), and named The Belmont Springs Country Club.

1916- Mr. Robinson added 20 more acres to the property and sold bonds to club members. They became the Belmont Springs Trust from which the club leased the golf course and clubhouse.

December 31, 1917- The Colonial clubhouse burned to the ground and the stucco locker building was converted into the clubhouse, which was enlarged and remodeled. It was used until construction on a new clubhouse began in 2012.

1919 and 1920- The Belmont Springs Country Club had its hey-day, with a full membership of 550 and an imposing waiting list.

July 30, 1920- 7,000 people, estimated at that time to be the largest groupever to witness a golf match in the United States, swarmed over the course to watch Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, English Professionals, defeat Americaís leading amateur team of Francis Ouimet and James P. Guildford, 4 and 2 in a 36-hole exhibition match.

1936- Belmont Springs Country Club was auctioned off and purchased by a representative from the outside. The new owners developed 24 acres on Marsh Street in the Country Club Lane area and reopened the club as a private golf course. The course was remodeled by Orrin Smith (1883-1958), who was associated with Donald Ross on many projects during his career. It is not known what year he remodeled Belmont Country Club.

Byron Nelson Wins 1937 Masters Tournament

1943- The Club was, again, put on the market. A group of local businessmen tried to raise the money for its purchase, but fell about $5,000 short. The property was sold to an out-of-town group of men headed by Abraham M. Sonnabend of Brookline - reportedly for $75,000. It was then that the club name was changed to Belmont Country Club.

1967- Due to the construction of Route 2, five holes (part of holes #8 and #9, and holes #10, 11, and 12) were relocated/partially relocated from the northerly portion of the site to an area of lowlands along Concord Avenue.

1969- Alfred H. Tull (1897-1982) remodeled the course once again. He was born in England and moved to Canada in 1907 and then to the US in 1914. Tull was renowned for his ability to lay out individual holes and establish a circuit by walking the land and staking holes without the benefit of a topographical plan. Families of the original founding owners are still members today.

2005- The golf course was renovated under the direction of Craig Schreiner, Architect.

April 2012- Belmont began construction on new clubhouse, pool and cabana facilities under the direction of CBT Architects and John Moriarty and Associates.

June 2013- Construction of clubhouse was completed and club re-opened to the membership.

June 2015- Host of the 2015 Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship Tournament.

Major Golf Championships Hosted by Belmont CC

Womenís United States Amateur 
Alexa Stirling 1916 
Menís PGA Match Play Championship
Byron Nelson 1937 
Womenís Mass Open Championship 
Harriot Curtis 1920
Dorothy Beard  1938 
Nancy Black     1947 
Beatrice Bower   1957 
Debbie Jamgochian   1977 
Mary Gale    1996 
Menís Mass Open Championship   
Mike Brady1914
Ted Turner1933
Gene Kunes 1947
Bob Crowley   1962 
Robert Oppenheim 2009
Menís Mass Amateur   
Frederick Wright Jr. 1929 
Charles Volpone    1956 
Bill Mallon 1973
James Driscoll1998
Menís New England Open  
Kyle Gallo 2013 
Jesse Larson  2014 
New England PGA Championship 
Heath Wassem 1994 
Ron Philo 2004 
Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship
Bernhard Langer2015