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Yes, different areas of the club have different dress codes.


Proper dress is required at all times everywhere on the golf course, including the practice range and practice putting greens. No jeans or equivalent. Shorts should be an appropriate length. Collared shirts are required for men. No tank tops allowed. Proper footwear is required. Golf shoes are required to be spikeless.


Proper tennis attire and proper clay court tennis shoes (no flip-flops or running shoes) are required at all times by play-ers of all ages. The Club will attempt to provide loaner shoes for anyone forgetting the proper footwear.


Proper swim suits are required for the pool. The Club has towels, changing areas, and showers available.


The Clubhouse is separated into two areas: the First Floor and the Second Floor.

  • On the Second Floor, our dress code is country club casual: jeans allowed, no golf spikes, no swim attire.
  • On the First Floor and locker rooms: swim attire allowed.

Except for real emergency situations, talking on a cell phone anywhere on the Second floor is prohibited, as well as the pool area. Members may only talk on their cell phones in the following locations:

  • Anywhere on the First Floor of the Clubhouse, except the fitness room.
  • Anywhere in the parking lot, including the driveway leading to the Clubhouse.
  • In the 10th Tee Shack.
  • In the bathrooms located at the tennis building.
  • In the bathrooms located at the 10th Tee and the 16th green.
  • On the veranda outside the fitness area/children's play area.

There are no restrictions on the use of a smart phone to email, text, or to access the internet.

Yes, Belmont has multiple private parking lots.

If you are meeting a member for golf, you can meet them on the practice facilities, at the cart barn or at the Clubhouse. If your member has not arrived, please wait at practice facilities or in the Clubhouse lobby. If you are meeting a member for lunch/dinner, please arrive through our main entrance and proceed into the Grille Room, where you will be directed to your party. If you are meeting a member at the pool or tennis facilities, please park in the lower lots near the pool/tennis area and meet them there.

Yes. We have free Wi-Fi throughout the Clubhouse building. We also have a Business Center, located near the locker rooms, with two computers and a phone.

Yes, upon arrival with your member host, a locker room attendant will be able to provide you with a guest locker.

181 Winter Street, Belmont, MA 02478
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