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Dress Code

(Board Approved June 27, 2023)

In order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and ensure proper decorum within our community, the Board of Governors has implemented a dress code policy. It is imperative that all members adhere to this policy to avoid any uncomfortable situations or the need for staff intervention. In the event of a dress code violation, management and staff have been instructed to politely and privately inform individuals who are not in compliance. Those who are not in compliance may be asked to relocate to a Club venue where their attire is acceptable, change their attire, or leave the Club premises.

The purpose of our dress code is to establish a standard of tasteful and traditional attire, promoting an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all members. It is the responsibility of each member to inform their guests in advance about the dress code requirements. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of our members in upholding these standards, as they contribute to a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone at our Club.

General Belmont Country Club Dining Dress Code

Children of all ages are required to adhere to all dress code rules.

Unacceptable Dresswear
Applies to all of the Club's second floor dining and bar venues, golf course, and golf practice facilities:

  • Denim that is faded, torn, frayed, or patched.
  • Cargo, Cut-off, or torn pants or shorts.
  • Activewear & workout clothing, including sweatpants, athletic joggers, yoga pants, leggings, mesh shorts, and athletic jerseys.
  • Ripped or stained tee shirts, and tee shirts with large graphics.
  • For men, tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • For women, tube tops, and shirts, or dresses that expose the midriff.
  • Hats or visors are not allowed to be worn inside the clubhouse, although they are allowed when dining outside.
  • When hats are worn anywhere on property, the brim must be facing forward.

Acceptable Footwear
For men and women, shoes, including open-toed sandals, are required. Bare feet are not permitted anywhere inside the clubhouse (except in the locker rooms) or in any of the outdoor dining areas (except for the pool).

Spikeless and soft-spike golf shoes may be worn in the clubhouse, Grille Room, patio, and pool area.

Flip flops are acceptable for travelling between the locker rooms and pool, inside of the locker rooms, and the parking lot. They may be worn inside the clubhouse while transitioning to another location. Flip flops are not acceptable footwear for Smart Casual and Elegant Casual dress attire.

2nd Floor Clubhouse and Indoor and Outdoor Dining Areas Guidelines
(including Grille Room, Patio, Donald Ross Terrace, 19th hole, Fireplace Room, Redwood Room, and Ballroom)

Lunch- Tuesday-Sunday: Family Casual
Dinner- Wednesday-Saturday: Smart Casual
Sunday Dinner: Family Casual
Member Events: Dress Code to be Published

Family Casual
Well-kept, solid-colored denim (including blue denim), appropriate golf & tennis attire that is not otherwise prohibited, and tee shirts and hooded shirts, free of large graphics or logos, are all permitted.

For men, slacks, pants, dress jeans, and shorts no shorter than mid-thigh are permitted.

For women, dresses, skirts, shorts, and skorts all of which that are no shorter than mid-thigh. Dress jeans, and pants with blouses or tailored tops are acceptable.

When visiting the chopped salad bar, appropriate bathing suit cover-ups, graphic tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts, flip flops, and dry bathing suits are allowed. This exception ONLY applies when picking up a salad and is not allowed in other Club dining venues.

Smart Casual
For both men & women, well-kept, solid-colored denim (including blue denim), sweaters and hooded shirts are allowed.

For men, collared shirts are required and must be tucked in unless your shirt is specifically designed not to be tucked in. Men may wear slacks, pants, dress jeans, and shorts no shorter than mid-thigh.

For women, dresses, skirts, shorts, and skorts, all of which can be no shorter than mid-thigh, dress jeans, and pants with blouses or tailored tops are acceptable.

Tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts with large graphics, and flip flops are prohibited.

Elegant Casual
For men, long pants and collared shirts are required. Blazers or sport coats are encouraged.

For women, dresses, pant suits, or full-length tailored pants with a blouse and blazer are acceptable. Elegant/dressy sweaters are also allowed. Exposed midriffs and indiscreet short skirts are not acceptable.

Jeans, shorts, golf shirts, tee shirts, tennis & pool attire, activewear, and flip flops are prohibited.

Golf Course & Golf Practice Area Attire

Spikeless or soft-spike golf shoes are required for all golfers.

For men, tucked-in collared shirts are required. Turtlenecks, or mock turtlenecks with sleeves, are permitted. Shirttails must be tucked-in at all times. Slacks, pants, or shorts, no shorter than mid-thigh, are permitted. 

For women, appropriate collared golf tops and shirts with or without sleeves are permitted. Slacks, pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, all no shorter than mid-thigh, are permitted.

Unacceptable Golf Course & Golf Practice Area Attire

  • Denim jeans or shorts.
  • Tee shirts, tank tops and midriffs.
  • Bathing suits or swimwear.
  • Open-toed sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet are not permitted.

Pool & Splash Bar Attire

Bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, and bare feet (within the fenced-in pool area) are acceptable. Proper swim attire is required while using the pool. Swimwear should be tasteful and appropriate for a family Club. Thong, or similar style swimwear is not permitted.

When traveling outside of the fenced-in pool area, women should wear a wrap or body cover-up and men must be wearing a shirt.

Tennis Attire

For all players, conventional tennis clothing, and tennis footwear with a flat sole that will not damage a clay court surface are required.
For women, skirts, shorts, and skorts, no shorter than mid-thigh, are permitted.

Fitness Center Attire

For all users of the Fitness Facility, tee shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and hooded sweatshirts are permitted. Athletic sneakers or shoes are required to be worn. Jeans are not permitted.
For men, shirts are required to be worn.
For women, shirts or sports bras that expose the midriff are not allowed.

Except for real emergency situations, talking on a cell phone anywhere on the Second floor is prohibited, as well as the pool area. Members may only talk on their cell phones in the following locations:

  • Anywhere on the First Floor of the Clubhouse, except the fitness room.
  • Anywhere in the parking lot, including the driveway leading to the Clubhouse.
  • In the 10th Tee Shack.
  • In the bathrooms located at the tennis building.
  • In the bathrooms located at the 10th Tee and the 16th green.
  • On the veranda outside the fitness area/children's play area.

There are no restrictions on the use of a smart phone to email, text, or to access the internet.

Yes, Belmont has multiple private parking lots.

If you are meeting a member for golf, you can meet them on the practice facilities, at the cart barn or at the Clubhouse. If your member has not arrived, please wait at practice facilities or in the Clubhouse lobby. If you are meeting a member for lunch/dinner, please arrive through our main entrance and proceed into the Grille Room, where you will be directed to your party. If you are meeting a member at the pool or tennis facilities, please park in the lower lots near the pool/tennis area and meet them there.

Yes. We have free Wi-Fi throughout the Clubhouse building. We also have a Business Center, located near the locker rooms, with two computers and a phone.

181 Winter Street, Belmont, MA 02478
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